What Is BBDrisk Dx™ Test, Its Benefit And Its Need?

What Is BBDrisk Dx™ Test, its benefit and its need?

It is a novel cancer protein marker test for women who are diagnosed with the following types of pre-cancerous breast tumors: Atypical Ductal Hyperplasias (ADH), Atypical Lobular Hyperplasias (ALH), Usual Ductal Hyperplasia (UDH), Papilloma, Sclerosing Adenosis or any combination of the above types.

The test generates a cancer risk score between 0-10 based on the assay of multiple cancer marker proteins in your breast tumor tissue that was previously removed during your biopsy. A unique set of cancer marker proteins predicts your risk of developing breast cancer in the next 5 years. The test results provide personalized cancer risk information that is not available from any other test.

BBDrisk Dx™ Test Benefits

The test results will provide personalized information on the biology of your tumor and the five year risk for developing breast cancer. The BBDRisk Dx™ test results along with other information including your health history, can help you and your healthcare provider determine your cancer risk and the most appropriate disease management options.

What is needed to perform the BBDRisk Dx™ Test?

There is no additional surgery or any other procedure or material needed from you for the BBDRisk Dx™ test. The test is performed on the tissue previously obtained during your breast core or surgical biopsy. The tissue will be obtained from the facility where your biopsy was performed.